How Digital X-Rays Benefit Dentists and Patients

Digital x-rays have revolutionized the dental industry. They provide dentists with accurate, real-time images of a patient's teeth and oral cavity, which helps them provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Not only do digital x-rays benefit dentists, but they also benefit patients. Patients can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the highest level of care possible. As a dentist in Nanaimo, we’re proud to be able to offer digital x-rays to our patients!

Types of digital x-rays available

  • bitewing: used to detect cavities in between the teeth and at the gum line
  • occlusal: used to check for tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth
  • periapical: used to check for infection or disease around the root of a tooth
  • full mouth: used to get an overview of all the teeth in the mouth

3 benefits of digital x-rays:

  1. Reduced radiation exposure: Digital x-rays emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, making them a safer option for patients.
  2. Immediate results: Digital x-rays provide dentists with immediate results, so they can start working on a treatment plan right away.
  3. Enhanced images: Digital x-rays provide enhanced images that are more detailed and easier to interpret than traditional x-rays.

Digital x-rays are a safer, more accurate option for both dentists and patients. To learn more, contact our friendly, caring team.

Meet our digital x-ray technology

  • Increase accuracy
  • Low levels of radiation
  • Fast turnaround time
  • More cost effective than film x-rays
  • They don’t cause any discomfort

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